Gliding in North Yorkshire at The Gliding Club, Sutton Bank
Central Yorkshire Scout County have joined together with 5 other Counties to provide gliding for members of the Scout Movement at special costs.
The Gliding Club provide so much more than a trial flight, you can camp over, you can take part in Scout badges, you can  learn all about flying, you can book a flight simulator session, you can learn how the gliding club works and join as a member.
Visit our regional Scout website and check over which dates are available. From the 1st July all dates not booked will be available to all 6 Counties. (click on Printable List of dates 2016/1017).
Gliding is for small numbers of the right height and weight, just like any thriller ride check the details on the website.

Groups that have used the glider this year,Bardsey Scouts, Kippax Scouts Leeds Templars, 2nd Wakefield,17th Wakefield, Wetherby District and Tenzing Shire Oak Explorers (see comments below)

Hi Jennifer
We all absolutely loved it cant wait to go again. Unfortunately we cant get back in till March but I am keeping my eye out for cancellations
Best regards
Claire 17th Wakefield
(Claire now waiting for 1st July when she can find a date that suits)

Hi Jennifer
The weekend went really well - all the kids loved it and the team at the club were really helpful. Facilities at the club are great and having use of the kitchen etc made life so much easier.
James Nehaul  Wetherby District

Hi Jennifer
Tenzing Shire Oak Explorers and 9th Airedale Scouts
We had a great time....we were oversubscribed which is why we've booked for Oct.

They were really good with us at the Club.
One of the things that was discussed was how we get the kids to have a second flight....and therefore start the road to actually learning to glide rather than limiting it to just the one 'try it' session.
And for the first time in Oct..I have a 11 year old who really is interested in learning to fly.
Helen Haslam

Hi Jennifer, 
We had a brilliant day with 6 scouts and 2 leaders flying, the weather was very good so we all achieved at least 20 minutes each flying time. 10 out of 10 for the club, they were very good on what was a busy day with private flyers as well as ourselves.
Kind regards 
Alan Hartley, Kippax Scouts


Bookings to: C. Yorks. Scout Glider This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jennifer Varley