Saturday 30th June 2018 and Sunday 1st July 2018

Some of us were up and about at 6 o’clock on Saturday morning and it was HOT. 

Sun screen, sun hats and caving suits are things not normally associated together, but they were all needed this weekend. 

Never have we caved in such hot and dry conditions.

Runscar Cave, usually the wetter of the two caves we use, had no water running through it and Thistle cave had the merest of a trickle passing through. 

Still we had complaints that the water was TOO COLD while all the instructors were trying to find some water to cool off in. 

Everything ran smoothly until on Saturday afternoon, one gentleman followed his sat nav device on a thirty mile detour around the dales.  Having set off in plenty of time, he arrived so late we just managed to get the cub into a caving suit and meet his mates half way through their trip.  He managed to get in the fun parts of the water slide (or not so watery slide).  Even in these dry conditions one group did manage to find the only bog around and jump into it. 

Our equipment was all dried in the evening sun, no need for the heated drying room this time.

After a tea was eaten, we put bottles of water in the fridge ready for the Sunday which dawned just as hot as the day before.  We were again struggling to find some shade, but no other dramas occurred and most equipment was dry when it was put away.  

We were about two thirds full on all our caving sessions and about 99% of people had enjoyed a few hours caving, apart from the one who complained about the cold. 

Thanks to all the leaders, helpers and parents who took the time and effort to get the cubs to site and to the staff both caving and cooking who worked hard in very trying conditions.

See you next year

Jeff Keeton