DATES:  The European Jamboree will begin on 27th July 2020 and will last until the Closing Ceremony on 6th August.  (Please note that the Closing Ceremony will take place in the evening, so departure will be 7th August 2020).  International Service Team members should plan to arrive two days prior to the first day of the Jamboree – on 25th July 2020, and depart two days after the Jamboree ends – on 8th August 2020.  Please note that some roles may require earlier arrival (e.g. the ones connected with the site construction)

PARTICIPANTS:  Scouts born on and after 28th of July 2002 and no later than in 2006 are welcome to apply to participate in the European Jamboree 2020. 

APPLICATIONS are now being taken from Young People - see below this article for an Application Form and Parent Consent form.  Please note that applications open on 1 February 2019 and close on 28 February 2019