Tickets are £18 per person, including Leaders. This excludes your food and transport.

Bookings should be made directly to Flamingo Land by 31stJuly 2018, using this online form: here 

Payments can be made as soon as your booking is complete, through one of these 3 methods:

  • Double signed cheques
  • Card transactions over the phone
  • BACS payments

All payments should be made to Flamingo Land by 31stAugust 2018. If you have any queries regarding payments, then please get in touch with Flamingo Land directly where they will be happy to help.

Rides open at 10:00am and the park closes at 6:00pm. Please arrange your transport around these times.

We will have use of the Plaza indoor facility as a base where Troops can eat food brought with them. There are also many picnic benches around the park.

There are multiple food outlets on site where food can also be bought on the day. This can be using cash/card or using the pre-bought vouchers you have indicated on the booking form.