The Royal Air Force is delighted to be working in partnership with the Scouts and to sponsor the Air Researcher Badge as part of a strategy to inspire and enthuse young men and women about Science Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Operating at the leading edge of technology and with a workforce of 31,000 of which 50% are engineers, the RAF relies on a constant inflow of talented and motivated young people to help us undertake our role as part of the UK’s Defence and as a force for good around the world.  The UK is suffering from a shortfall of suitably qualified young people to fill the growing number of STEM vacancies in the Labour Market.

Click here for more information and details of the Scout Air Research Badge take over days


Over the past three years a partnership between the Pears Foundation and Avon Scouts has directly enabled around 600 new and sustainable Scouting places in Avon, supported by over 150 new volunteers.  The project has worked with 42 new youth sections, 38 of which are now offering activities on a weekly basis to 9 communities in the region that did not previously have access to Scouting.

We are now delighted to be able to announce the fantastic news that Central Yorkshire Scouts have secured support from the Pears Foundation for a similar project in Central Yorkshire.

The Pears Foundation recognises that more and more young people are keen to join Scouts and that sometimes we find it hard to keep up with demand.  As part of Pears Foundation’s commitment to expanding opportunities for youth social action, we will be working together to explore how Central Yorkshire Scouts might remove some of the current barriers to participation, and achieve sustainable growth.

The project will be led by Sarah our DCC (development) and one of the first steps will be to appoint a senior Growth and development officer who will work solely within Central Yorkshire.

This is a very exciting development for Young People in our County and we are incredibly grateful to the Pears Foundation for giving us their support.