Great to see so many Beavers and Cubs achieving their top awards.

Don’t forget to let Cathryn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know when Beavers and Cubs have achieved their Bronze or Silver Chief Scouts Award so that we can send them our congratulations on being a TOP ACHIEVER.

Ian Hill
County Commissioner


As most of you will be aware, Compass is now back on line and being used very successfully for the administration of our adult member's records. Currently there are no timescales for when an extension to administer the young people records might be implemented. The system allows the online DBS system to function and although it can seem a little cumbersome at first, when you get used to it, it is actually an extremely useful function.

It is important that you logon onto Compass and check that your personal record is correct and up to date. By now we hope that all the backlog of changes since it was taken offline have now been updated. This should include appointment and permit information. Please be aware that POR requires that all permit information must be shown on Compass and if it isn't then the validity of the permit is in question. Because most training information was transferred from the old MMS (or Backpack) system there may be discrepancies in your training records. To resolve this, in the first instance you need to discuss the issue with your line manager.

We need to check that email addresses are entered and up to date for all members. If this Newsletter is not received by anyone, it is likely that they do not have a valid email address. Can line managers please check that all their leaders do have a valid email address in Compass please? Without a valid email address they will not be able to logon to Compass and will not receive newsletters. GSLs can make the appropriate changes.

Unless requested alternatively, most future communications will be made by email. This is actually a chicken and egg statement as this email is also sent using the Compass email address held

As always, if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to let me know and I will do my best to assist. If there is sufficient interest, we can organise some familiarisation sessions to help adults get to grips with it.

John Smallwood
Email: john.smallwood[at]