Our County Team

Scouting in Central Yorkshire is supported by our County Team, alongside our Executive Committee. These people work to enable Scouting to take place every in our Groups.

Scouting is primarily delivered to our young people at group & district level through our eight districts. The County Commissioner appoints a District Commissioner to lead each district, and each DC has their own district teams. The County Team works with the Executive Committee and our staff members to support the Scouts in Leeds and Wakefield.

If you would like to speak to a member of our County Team, please use the Contact buttons, or speak to our County Office.

Ian Hill
County Commissioner

Role Responsibility
As County Commissioner I am privileged to lead a fantastic and inspirational group of volunteers who work with me to ensure that Scouting in Central Yorkshire is inclusive, youth shaped, community focussed and growing. We aim to ensure that all our Young members receive a fantastic programme of fun, challenge and adventure and that all of our volunteers are well supported in their roles.

Yes I sometimes need to deal with some tricky and difficult situations but these pale into insignificance compared to the satisfaction of seeing the County develop and making a real difference to communities and the lives of so many young people.

It really is a brilliant role.

Ask Me About

  • You can ask about anything – I very often won’t know the answer but promise to find somebody who does.
  • I always appreciate feedback, both developmental and positive so that we can improve what we do.
  • Talk to me about your aspirations and what you might like to do for the County.
  • Please let me have any ideas about how the County can deliver its ‘Route Card to more everyday adventures’

Email: Ian.Hill@cycscouts.org.uk

Jane Dowson
County President

Role Responsibility

The include the promotion of the wellbeing of Scouting in the wider community by assisting to develop relationships between Scouting and other institutions and associations.

Ask Me About

  • Supporting the County to find opportunities for more young people from all backgrounds and communities.
  • Supporting the Pears Growth Project in Central Yorkshire, being a member of and providing an external perspective to the Working Group.
  • Promoting the work of the County in supporting young people and developing the public perception of Scouting
  • Supporting the County in developing relationships with other youth organisations, businesses, public sector and third sector organisations who have the potential to work in partnership.
  • Helping the County to effectively celebrate its success and achievements.
Mathew Milner
County Youth Commissioner

Role Responsibilities

My role is all about making sure that all of our young people across Leeds and Wakefield have the opportunity to have a say in their Scouting experience, as well as supporting the provision of leadership and management opportunities for young people within the County. I also support the running of the County as a whole as part of the County Leadership Team.

Ask Me About

  • Youth Shaped Scouting and its implementation
  • Leadership and management opportunities for young people
  • Support to District Youth Commissioners
  • How I can represent your views as a youth member at the highest level of County leadership
  • Camp shopping

Email: Mathew.Milner@cycscouts.org.uk

John Smallwood
Deputy County Commissioner


Role Responsibility
My key role is to contribute to the smooth running of Bramhope Campsite and Aldwark Activity Centre as well as supporting other major County events. In addition to this I am a member of the County Executive. I am a member of my old District’s Active Support Unit where my wife Margaret is still active.

Ask Me About

  • Bramhope Campsite
  • Aldwark Activity Centre
  • Nights Away Permit Scheme

Email: John.Smallwood@cycscouts.org.uk

Carol Milburn
Deputy County Commissioner – Adult Support

Role Responsibility
To support Leaders in Districts, Groups and Sections across the County. To help when challenges arise in training and safeguarding. To provide a County presence at events and celebrations.

Ask me about

  • Skills for Life
  • Jamboree
  • Fun and Friends
  • Challenge
  • Training and Safeguarding

Email: Carol.Milburn@cycscouts.org.uk

Sarah McAtominey
Deputy County Commissioner – Development

Role Responsibility

My role within the County is to support with all things development. Whether this is co-ordinating the support to Groups or Districts that would like to open new sections or providing support and guidance on development projects in Groups and Districts. This can also involve supporting Groups and Districts with adult recruitment and the volunteer journey and co-ordinating support from the Regional Service Team.

Ask Me About

  • Creating new spaces for young people in your Group or District.
  • Recruiting adults to support Scouting in Groups or Districts.
  • Potential support for new sections
  • Areas of potential growth in your District.

Email: Sarah.McAtominey@cycscouts.org.uk

James Nehaul
Deputy County Commissioner – Programme

Role Responsibilities

My role is all about making sure that every young person in Scouting in Central Yorkshire has access to a high quality, safe, enjoyable programme providing them with plenty of opportunities to pick up valuable skills for life.

To do this I support the County Programme team to provide fantastic activities, events and support to Districts, as well as supporting the development and direction of Central Yorkshire as a whole as part of the County Leadership Team. As part of this role I am the Camp Leader for Challenge20.

Ask Me About

  • Programme implementation or support for any section
  • County activities and events – what your young people would like to see
  • Access to adventurous activities
  • Challenge 20
  • Any feedback that might help us to develop more fantastic programme opportunities for young people

Email: James.Nehaul@cycscouts.org.uk

Sophie Head
Deputy County Youth Commissioner – Youth Team

Role Responsibility

The main area of my role is to make sure the County Youth Team is effective in Youth Shaped Scouting support and delivery. The information we collect from forums and other methods is then fed back to the County and therefore allows Central Yorkshire to deliver a programme that the young people desire.

In addition to this, I help organise the team and ensure assistance the team provide at events runs as smoothly as possible.

Ask Me About

  • The Youth Team and the application process
  • Opportunities for young people
  • Current Youth Shaped Scouting initiatives / events
  • YouShape

Email: Sophie.Head@cycscouts.org.uk

Taylor Scaife
Deputy County Youth Commissioner – Programme

Role Responsibility

It is my role to support and develop the opportunities for a Youth Shaped Programme in Central Yorkshire. I attend section meetings to help create equal opportunities for development in all sections, and in the County as whole.

Ask Me About

  • Youth Shaped Programme
  • Opportunities for Youth Shaped development

Email: Taylor.Scaife@cycscouts.org.uk

Alison Fell
County Training Manager

Role Responsibilities

  • Work with the County Commissioner and District Commissioners to maintain the right vision and structure for supporting learning opportunities across the County
  • Plan and ensure the delivery of a high-quality learning provision in the County so that all Adults in Scouting who are completing their training have access to suitable learning opportunities, ensuring that everyone involved in supporting the delivery has the relevant experience and knowledge to deliver the learning.
  • Recommend Wood Badges.

Ask Me About
We want all adults who volunteer in Scouting to have access to learning relevant to their role as quickly as possible. We do this in several ways:

  • We offer a wide range of courses in various locations throughout the County – many in your local District
  • We can provide alternative methods of learning such as e-learning, DVDs and workbooks for many modules
  • We can even provide one to one support, or arrange for extra training courses to be put on if the date, time or location is not suitable

Please let me know if you are finding it difficult to complete your training, get modules validated or want to access alternative methods of learning. The easiest way is to drop me an email via Alison.Fell@cycscouts.org.uk or you can ring the County Office (0113 2605917) and they will pass on a message.

Email: Alison.Fell@cycscouts.org.uk

Andy Gallivan
Assistant County Commissioner – International

Role Responsibility

Promotion of International Scouting to the County, supporting World Jamborees, World Scout Moots, International Jamborees and camps both home and abroad, and County Expeditions. Promoting international opportunities at County events, e.g. Challenge 17 International Zone.

Advice to Groups undertaking an international trip, supporting international awards, e.g. Explorer Belt, and acting as a point of contact for the County for UK headquarters and International Scout Movements.

Ask me about

  • The Explorer Belt
  • World Jamborees and Moots
  • County Expeditions
  • Global and International Awards

Email: Andrew.Gallivan@cycscouts.org.uk

Sue Russell
Assistant County Commissioner – Support

Role Responsibility

Support the County Youth Commissioner and County Commissioner in developing and implementing a Youth Shaped strategy and programme within the County.

Work with the County Youth Commissioner to ensure that the County Youth team are actively involved in planning and delivering County events.

Act as mentor and supporter for the County Youth Commissioner, deputies and Youth team.

Ask Me about

  • The Six Dales Hike
  • Morocco expedition
  • Challenge 17

Email: Sue.Russell@cycscouts.org.uk

Susannah Baker
Assistant County Commissioner – Beaver Scouts

Role Responsibility

  • To support the Beaver Scout Leaders in the County in introducing the youngest section of the Scout Group to outdoor activities, giving them the opportunity to be creative, explore their local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout sleepover whilst making friends, having fun and learning Skills for Life.
  • To co-ordinate and plan events for the Beaver Scouts in Central Yorkshire to come together as a county to enjoy Fun Days, outings and various activities.

Ask me about

  • Beaver Scouting: programme, badges and general queries;
  • Future events for Beaver Scouts in Central Yorkshire;
  • How to get involved (as a Beaver or a Beaver Scout Leader);
  • Attending meetings, events, awarding badges, certificates etc.

Email: Susannah.Baker@cycscouts.org.uk

Carrie Pearson
Assistant County Commissioner – Cub Scouts

Role Responsibilities

  • To support the Cub Leaders in the County to provide all our Cub Scouts with the fun, challenge, adventure and skills for life that great Scouting provides.
  • To co-ordinate and plan events (with our great team of Cub Leaders) for Cubs in our County, including Fun Days, the annual trading post, theatre trips, sleepovers, camps and much more!

Ask Me About

  • Cub Scouting: programme, badges and general queries;
  • Future events for Cub Scouts in Central Yorkshire;
  • How to get involved (as a Cub or a Cub Scout Leader);
  • If you would like me to come along to a meeting, camp or event or to award badges, certificates or prizes.

Email: Carrie.Pearson@cycscouts.org.uk

Lewis Simpson
Assistant County Commissioner – Scouts

Role Responsibility
To promote Scouting across the County and support the Assistant District Commissioners (Scouts) and DCs to develop their Scouting provision ensuring consistency in programme, awards and training, to ensure every Scout has the chance to gain their CSA Gold

To co-ordinate County Scout events and encourage sectional links between Cub Scouts and Explorer Scouts. To represent the County at Regional and National Scout forums and events.

Ask Me About

  • Achieving the Chief Scouts Gold Award
  • Ideas for linking to the Explorer and Cub Scout Sections
  • Making best use of Young Leaders and enabling them to gain their Young Leader badges
  • Anything about the Yorkshire Challenge Award Scheme
  • Visiting your Districts/Troops

Email:  Lewis.Simpson@cycscouts.org.uk

Jack Moore
Assistant County Commissioner – Explorer Scouts

Role Responsibility
To promote Explorer Scouting across the County and support the District Explorer Scout Commissioners and DCs to develop their Explorer Scouting provision ensuring consistency in programme, awards and training.

To co-ordinate County Explorer events and encourage sectional links between Scouts and Scout Network. To Represent the County at Regional and National Explorer Scout forums and events.

Ask Me About

  • Achieving the top awards (Platinum, Diamond, Queens Scout and DofE awards) and the approval process
  • Ideas for County Explorer events and how to get involved
  • Unit and Young Leader Provision, training and Operational issues
  • Visiting your Districts / Units

Email:  Jack.Moore@cycscouts.org.uk

Joyce Wright
Assistant County Commissioner – Scout Network

Role Responsibility

To ensure all 18 to 25 year olds with Central Yorkshire have the opportunity to join a District Scout Network. By:

  • Arranging and running initial District Scout Network Launch Events;
  • Supporting and/or assisting District Commissioners (DCs) in the appointment of a District Scout Network Commissioner (DSNC);
  • Providing support and advice/guidance to DSNCs and in there absence the DCs regarding Scout Network ensuring consistency in programme, awards and training;
  • Working with the County Team to provide additional opportunities for Scout Network members;
  • Organise and attend, County wide DSNC meetings; and
  • Represent the County at Regional and National Scout Network meetings, forums and events.

Ask Me About

  • Joining Scout Network
  • Achieving Scouting Top Awards – Chief Scout’s Diamond, Queen’s Scout, Explorer Belt, Scouts of the World and DofE)
  • Coming to see your Queen’s Scout Award (QSA) presentation to enable me to sign off your award (please be aware ACC (Scout Network) must sign off all QSAs for anyone aged 18 to 25)
  • Someone visiting your Explorer Unit about Scout Network.

Email: Joyce.Wright@cycscouts.org.uk

Assistant County Commissioner – Activities

Please visit our volunteer vacancies page for information about this role.

Mark Horsley
Assistant County Commissioner – Events

Role Responsibility

Ask Me About

Email: Mark.Horsley@cycscouts.org.uk

Katie Bentley
County Active Support Manager – Aldwark

Role Responsibilities

I am responsible for ensuring all DBS checks and permits are valid and entered on Compass. I am responsible for the catering arrangements for crew at weekend bookings. I liaise with Scout Groups throughout the County and further afield to ensure as many bookings as possible are made at Aldwark. I am also responsible for ensuring all the building checks are completed and we use safe operating procedures within the building.

As we move forward with Aldwark’s revival I also ensure we receive competitive quotes to upgrade equipment before making purchases. The continued development of the site to include land activities also falls within my remit to ensure we can provide a variety of experiences for members of the Scout Association in various weather conditions.

Ask me about

  • How to join the Aldwark team, we have volunteer opportunities including, Water Activity Crew, Land Crew, Maintenance team & Weekend Duty Management Crew
  • How to make a booking for your Group
  • What Aldwark now offers

Email: Katie.Bentley@cycscouts.org.uk

County Active Support Manager – Bramhope

Please visit our vacancies page for information about this role

Hannah Kentish
Chair of Pears Working Group
Vicky Sanderson
County Communications Manager

Role Responsibility

I coordinate the use of Facebook and Twitter to promote the opportunities Scouting can offer in Central Yorkshire for Young People as well as showcasing our events such as Challenge Camps, Awards Evening and Silly Chilly. Working with a team of social media whizzes, photographers, video makers and technical gurus, we are able to cover most events in the County as well as regular weekly meetings.

Ask Me About

  • How you can use and set up Social Media for your District.
  • How to promote #YouShape within your Group.
  • How to positively engage and aid volunteer recruitment.
  • Safeguarding and Acceptable use of Social Media.
  • How to engage with my local community effectively.

Email: Vicky.Sanderson@cycscouts.org.uk

Becky Burrell
County Cub Scout Leader

Role Responsibility

Supporting the ACC Cubs to ensure that all young people in the Cub section in Central Yorkshire have the opportunity to access high quality, safe and exciting programmes, activities and events.

Ask Me About

  • Information about County Cub events
  • Suggestions to improve the County Cub Programme

Email: Becky.Burrell@cycscouts.org.uk

County Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinator

Please visit our vacancies page for information about this role

Jennifer Varley
Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme (MAPS)

Role Responsibility
Co-ordinate, support and help develop County and District activity teams. Provide information and advise leaders and commissioners on activities.

Maintain up to date information on activity initiatives and ensure awareness of new activity rules and adherence to them

To bring about awareness of the ongoing activities rolling review and the role we can play at the consultant stage for each activity.

Ask Me About

  • District, County, North East Region and National activities
  • The role young people can take in providing activities especially within the permit scheme.
  • Where to get information about activity courses and the funding available
  • Where to find all the activity information you need on the website Scouts.org.uk
  • Gaining an activity permit – How do I start?

Email: Jennifer.Varley@cycscouts.org.uk

Jeni Burrell
County Advisor – Additonal Needs

Role Responsibility

My role is to help ensure that Central Yorkshire is able to offer young people and adults with additional needs the opportunity to access and enjoy Scouting. I work with a team of leaders who have expertise and knowledge of additional needs to offer advice to leaders on ways to support young people in regular Scouting.

I am also working to offer specialist provision within the County for those unable to access regular Scouting due to additional needs.

Ask Me About

  • Additional Needs
  • Inclusion
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • The Scout Section

Email: Jeni.Burrell@cycscouts.org.uk

Joanne Hennessey
Pears Project Co-ordinator

Role Responsibility

My role is to coordinate the Pears project and the team of 6 Development Team Assistants across Leeds and Wakefield. The Pears project is set up to enable Scouting in all communities. We do this by opening new provision, supporting existing groups to open new sections and reduce waiting lists.

Ask Me About

  • Pears project and the Pears foundation
  • Who with and where are the project team working at the minute
  • Our Project Working Group
  • How you can get involved

Email: Joanne.Hennessey@scouts.org.uk

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls