Training Advisers

Training Advisers are the cornerstone of the Adult Training Scheme since every learner should be supported by a Training Adviser. We are always looking for experienced adults to come forward to offer their help, supporting adults taking up new appointments.

If you hold a Woodbadge you may have considered acting as a Training Adviser, but were unsure of what the role entails or of the commitment required.

Supported by the Local Training Manager, the Training Adviser helps their local Leaders to:

  • Meeting learners joining the Adult Training Scheme and explaining the scheme to them
  • Help  each learner put together a Personal Learning Plan and agreeing it with them
  • Providing support to the learner as required and reviewing their progress with them on a regular basis
  • Validating the training with the learner to ensure that they can put their learning into practice in their role.
  • Maintaining records and informing the Training Manager of the learner’s progress
  • Recommending the award of the Wood Badge to the Training Manager.

Once all the modules are complete, they inform the Local or County Training Manager, who then recommends the award of the Wood Badge to Headquarters, and inform the learner’s line manager.

A Training Adviser normally supports three or four learners, however, to support one is equally valued; depending on the adviser’s other commitments. Training Advisers need to complete Module 25 – Assessing Learning, as on-going learning or part of their own Wood Badge.

If you would like to know more about the role you can read more here or talk to your Local Training Manager. Your input will be much appreciated in supporting other adults and maintaining a high standard of training across the County.

If interested, please contact the County Training Manager, Alison Fell.

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