Cub Caving Weekend – June 2019

Between: 29th June 2019 - 30th June 2019 Location: Runscar & Thistle cave at Ribblehead

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2019 – Runscar & Thistle Cave at Ribblehead

Central Yorkshire Caving Team will be running caving sessions for groups of 6 Cubs and two parents throughout the day starting at 9.30am on Saturday 29th June and the last session starts at 3.00pm.  On Sunday 30th June, we will start at 10.00am and the last session will start at 1.30pm.  The cost is £10 per person.

Caving is great fun but it is very dark so we provide each person with a light.  It is cool underground and a bit wet, so we provide over suits.  Cave temperature varies little, it remains constantly cool, water in the caves used is rarely above knee deep.  Some people may think they are claustrophobic, we find you only think you are, once you are inside with all your friends most are too interested and excited to be frightened.  No one will be forced to go where they are frightened, there are alternative routes or we will turn round and go back.

To book Contact Jeff Keeton
0113 2553904 / 07813 562449


Runscar & Thistle cave at Ribblehead

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