Hill Walking Team – How leaders achieve a permit

Date: 26th Nov 2018 Author: Cathryn Atkinson

The Hill Walking Team start off at the beginning of the year running classroom type sessions for interested leaders covering all aspects of the hill walking permit assessment

We then run  3/4 training or assessment navigation days, leading onto a security on steep ground training day in October. Adults can join the modules at any point in the year.

Next comes a security on steep ground plus navigation assessment weekend in November, moving onto night navigation training/assessment evenings in December and January. You can see we are building up a level of confidence and skills as we go through the year each separate session building onto the last one. In between courses we expect adults to be out there on the hills practising their skills with family, friends and within scout journeys.

The route to a  Terrain One or Terrain Two

1)  Attend a classroom session

2) Move onto a basic training course or move straight onto micro navigation depending on what hill walking experience they already have

3) A successful assessment for micro navigation skills

4) A successful assessment for night navigation

5) A successful assessment for security on steep ground

6) Submit a hill walking log book showing at least 20 quality hill walking days split between Terrain 1and Terrain 2 in a variety of areas

An adult may want to just have a permit for T1 areas in which case all the above applies except 5)

As you can see leaders have to be committed to gain a permit, if it is already a  hobby/interest then it is much easier. There are no short cuts to this process, they have to work at the navigation skills to a high level.

Any adult can go to any other County for training and assessment if this suits their personal circumstances better, Great Tower offer the course in a couple of weekends as does Durham. North Yorkshire run courses when they have the demand.

The Scout Association expect our courses to be run in a similar style and quality to the NGB route but our courses can be tailored to what our leaders want to include in their programmes, using more local areas for a first permit like The Peak District, North Yorkshire Moors, South Pennines,  lower levels of the Lake District, this type of permit enables a leader to start offering hill walking to their section asap

You find that adults tend to always use the same routes, they sick to the areas they know and that they know the section they are working with are capable of that journey. Our team helps them to achieve this through our system.

The Scout Association has produced A Clear Process, An Introduction to the Permit Scheme.  A good leaflet to recommend to any applicant.Introduction to the Hill Walking Activity Permit

Dates for 2019:

28th January – Hill Walking Foundation Evening; 7.30pm at Phoenix Camp Site, SLAM

9th March – Basic Navigation Course held in Terrain Zero – venue to be announced

20th March – Hill Walking Foundation Evening; 7.30pm in Ossett

18th May – Basic/Micro navigation Day – Training or Assessment

15th June – Micro navigation Day – Training or Assessment

21st September – Micro navigation Day – Training or Assessment

19th October – Security on Steep Ground training day on Ilkley Moor

15/16/17 November Keswick weekend Training or Assessment Weekend for SOSG or Micro Nav

7th December – Evening Navigation Course  or Assessment

Please contact Jennifer Varley (jennifer@m-jay.co.uk or 0113 2852075) for further details

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls