Executive Committee

The executive committee as Central Yorkshire Scouts’ Board of Trustees is responsible for compliance, charity governance, and financial management. The Exec also works to support the County, and has responsibility for fundraising, property, equipment and insurance, adult appointment and people management, IT support, archives, safety, support, and the promotion & development of local scouting.

The Executive Committee has six subcommittees that support its work. Those are the:

  • Appointments Advisory Committee
  • Aldwark Management Committee
  • Bramhope Steering Committee
  • Finance & General Purposes Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Risk Committee

Raising funds for adventures

Whilst some funds come from subscriptions, Central Yorkshire Scouts is always looking for ways to raise more so it can do more.

Central Yorkshire Scouts welcomes interest from outside organisations and individuals, whether to support a specific project or to support our work in general. Please contact the County Office who will put you in touch with a member of our executive committee for a discussion.

David Grindrod County Chair

Role Responsibilities

Objectively and impartially chairing Executive Committee meetings.
Monitoring that decisions and actions agreed at Executive Committee meetings are implemented.

Ask me about

  • Anything, if I don’t have the answer I’ll know somebody that does

Email:  David.Grindrod@cycscouts.org.uk

Stuart Jolley County Treasurer | Chair of Finance & General Purposes

Role Responsibilities

I am an accountant by profession and I am responsible for the stewardship of the Charity’s financial resources. I provide strategic financial advice to the County Executive Committee and lead the financial management of the County’s activities. I am Chair of the Finance and General Purposes sub-committee.

Ask Me About

  • Financial controls
  • Planning, budgeting & budget monitoring
  • Charity accounting and reporting standards
  • Independent examination of accounts
  • Insurance

Email: Stuart.Jolley@cycscouts.org.uk

Colin Harman County Secretary | Appointments Secretary

Role Responsibility

Executive Committee meeting agenda and minutes, County AGM, census and County appointments.

Ask me about

  • POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules)
  • Appointments
  • DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)
  • Compass

Email: Colin.Harman@cycscouts.org.uk

Jim Hazle Nominated Trustee | Bramhope Bookings Secretary

Role Responsibilities

Dealing with enquiries and bookings for the campsite. Weekly delivery of booking forms to site, collection and banking of fees . Completion of receipt analysis and banking details for County Treasurer. Weekly circulation of up to date bookings list. Maintaining website bookings

Ask Me About

  • Anything about Bramhope bookings

Email: Jim.Hazle@cycscouts.org.uk

Andrew Gallivan Nominated Trustee

S D Talboys Nominated Trustee


John Bradshaw Co-opted Trustee | Chair of Aldwark Management

Role Responsibility

I lead the Management Committee in working to continuously improve the Central Yorkshire Scouts offer of water activities at Aldwark. This is for both residential weekends and weekend day trips available to everyone in CYS family from Beavers upwards. The role gives me the opportunity to support the wider work of the County as a member of the County Executive Committee

Ask Me About

  • Aldwark

Email: John.Bradshaw@cycscouts.org.uk


Joseph Fletcher Elected Member | Trustee

Role Responsibility

As a member of the Executive Committee I am a Trustee of Central Yorkshire Scouts. I ensure that our members have the support they need and that our young people’s views are meaningfully involved in our decision-making process.

As a member of the Appointments Committee I assist with supporting our volunteers through the appointment process.

Ask Me About

  • Youth Shaped Scouting
  • Data & IT, Communications Systems
  • The Appointments Process

Email: Joe.Fletcher@cycscouts.org.uk

Lizzie ChandraElected Member | Trustee

Role Responsibility

I have been involved in scouting for Central Yorkshire since 2007. My first stint on the executive was as the county was as County Scout Network Commissioner, I then went on to be an ASL and SL.

I support the county at big events by co-ordinating the first aid provision-a resource that can be tapped by districts running activity days or large camps if they wish.

I have a strong interest in diversity, equity and inclusion as I believe everyone should have equitable opportunities including in scouting. I will be working with the county appointments committee where consideration of equity and diversity is essential.

Ask Me About

  • First aid and medical provision at events
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Appointments

Email: Lizzie.Chandra@cycscouts.org.uk

Mark Blades Elected Member | Trustee

Role Responsibility

As a County Exec Member I contribute to discussions and decisions that shape and develop Scouting in Central Yorkshire.

Ask Me About

Email: Mark.Blades@cycscouts.org.uk

Robert Turner Elected Member | Chair of Risk

Role Responsibility

I have been lucky to be able to use my professional experience to the benefit of Central Yorkshire Scouts, and currently act as both the Chair of the Risk Committee and as the Security and Privacy specialist on the County Executive. I’ve been involved in Scouting off and on since the mid 1970s, moving through the sections to be an ASL, followed by a long break which was ended when my own children started Scouting in the mid noughties.

Ask Me About

  • Risk as it impacts Scouting
  • Information Security
  • Privacy & GDPR

Email: Robert.Turner@cycscouts.org.uk

Ted Fairfax Elected Member | Trustee

Role Responsibilities

Principally as a representative of the Executive on the Aldwark Management Committee.

Ask Me About

  • Administration functions (currently District AAC Chair and District Administrator)
  • Development of Scouting Provisions
  • Leader training (currently a TA and TA – Managers and Supporters)
  • Nights Away Activities (holder of NAP Greenfield)
  • Scouting Manager role responsibilities (ex DC and still a GSL)

Email: Ted.Fairfax@cycscouts.org.uk

Susannah Baker Elected Member | Trustee

Tom Trower Elected Member | Trustee

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls