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The Yorkshire Challenge

The Yorkshire Challenge Award is a progressive Award which, open to all Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts and Leaders. The Award is run by Central Yorkshire Scouts, but open to all.

Bronze Award

Spend 4 nights under canvas or in a bivouac. Each of these nights must be in 4 different months – remember this can be spread over any length of time. You must also complete 3 of the 40 challenges.

Silver Award

Gain the Bronze Award, and then camp a further 4 nights in 4 different months bringing your total number of months camped in to 8. Complete a further 5 of the challenges.

Gold Award

Gain the Silver Award and then camp a further 4 nights in the remaining 4 months, i.e. At least one night camped in each month of the year, and a further 8 challenges for the Gold Award.

There is no time limit to any part of this Award, e.g. The Bronze Award does not have to be completed within one period of 12 months.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards form a triangle as shown, and go on the right sleeve of the shirt or blouse below any Group Awards, District & County badges etc.

Leaders A4 record cards and individual A6 pocket sized record cards listing the challenges are available from the West Leeds Scout Shop who also sell the Award badges. For further details email:

Yorkshire Challenge Record Card (doc)

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