The 2018 County training programme is attached to this article.

Sessions are being run around the County, if you are able to offer a venue to be used in the future then please contact Alison Fell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

An application form and training methods guide is also attached to this article.


Over the next few months and by June 2017 a new more up to date training scheme will be introduced for Manager and Supporter roles, to replace the current modular programme that has been in place since 2004.

The new scheme whilst appearing similar and covering the same Getting Started and All Appointments training, modules 1 to 12A, excluding Module 3, as shown on the Module Matrix, has a new look to the Managers, Section Supporters and other Supporter modules, Modules 21 to 26.  The timescale for gaining the Wood Badge, 3 years, will not change.

The new areas will be in 2 parts:

v  Independent Learning - which will cover the knowledge required by learners to understand the key topics of leadership and management and related Scouting processes. The learning will be accessed via a variety of methods, including videos, e-learning and workbooks.

v  Skills courses– this will consist of three courses (Skills of Management, Meeting the Challenges and Achieving Growth) where learners have an opportunity discuss and demonstrate different skills relating to leadership and management.

The resources for the Independent Learning are already available and can be found at the following link:,224,225&moduleID=10along with Leadership and Management FAQ’s.

These resources can be used to:

v  Complement some of the current modules for Managers and Supporters. 

v  Provide Independent learning for new Managers and Supporters.

v  Provide ongoing learning for existing Managers and Supporters.

Whilst the new scheme does not affect Managers and Supporters who already hold a Wood Badge, existing Managers and Supporters may find the resources useful to use as part of their ongoing Learning.

Managers and Supporters who are already working towards their Wood Badge in the current scheme may well endeavour to complete their Wood Badge prior to June 2017.